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Experience our Scalp treatments in our new spa house


Find out your options for a full and healthy head of hair! See for yourself what's really possible. Schedule your fully confidential hair & scalp analysis today. Talk one-on-one with our Scalpologists about the potential causes of your thinning hair—and, about the most viable solutions. You'll walk away with an action plan and genuine options and soon enough with healthy hair, because your scalp is healthy too..

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Are you suffering from oily and itchy scalp? Or do you even know if you have oily scalp? Without giving your hair a scalp scan it's difficult for some people to understand their own hair type. See how we do it here for our clients.

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People struggling with thinning hair, receding hairline, alopecia, and overall hair loss can benefit from different types of scalp treatments. These non-surgical procedures work effectively to improve the health of your scalp and prime for regrowth.

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Improving hair density to treat thinning hair is also one of the most common types of scalp procedure requests. If you have short hair with minimal signs of hair loss and want to enhance your appearance with fuller, thicker hair, let us treat your scalp with a customized regimen to kick start your regrowth.